Preventing Bonus Abuse in Online Casinos

Preventing Bonus Abuse in Online CasinosTalking of online casinos, there are around two thousands of them, operating over the internet and though not all of them are equally good, but it really gives great advantage to players to choose their favorite partners. Moving on to games, you know there are quite a lot many versions of different casino games, including poker, bingo, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and slots, but the variants are further magnified into online casinos. Slots probably have the maximum number of variants, especially video slot games. With every new event or festival turning into a slot game, you have great deal of variety also. You will find video slots for almost everything, including soccer world cup, Olympics, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween etc.

You will also find video slots themed on famous movies and movie characters, like Hulk, Iron Man, Spider man, Batman, Lara Croft, and Lord of the Rings etc. All these games have some specific features, which separate them from other slot games. Other than slots, you also have great varieties in video poker, where you can choose from a whole lot of new games.

Blackjack Games

Blackjack also comes in many versions and while the options are limited in land based casinos, you can play any of your desired blackjack versions in online casino. You can play Omaha, Stud, Draw or Texas Holdem poker, as per your wish or can look for variants of roulette. If you want to test your skills, you can choose skill based games and if you want to test your luck, then you can play chance based games. So, it is quite easy to select your desired game in an online casino, but you should make sure that you like that game and have previous knowledge of its rules, terms, strategies and game-play, before entering into real money gaming.

Online Casinos


Online casinos have to fight through a number of hurdles and one of them is the bonus abuse. Initially when the concept of online bonus was very new and aussie pokies were not used to attaching wagering requirements, many players made unethical use of the bonuses being given. They used to get registered with the casinos, claim bonuses and withdraw the bonus amount to never come back. This resulted in some major losses for the casinos and so they came up with some rules and special concepts to prevent this abuse. There are still many players who try to cheat the casinos by taking bonuses, more than one time, by creating fake accounts. When players try to claim bonuses, they are not eligible for, it comes under bonus abuse. Some steps have been taken by the online casinos, to prevent such abuse and the first is allowing only one person to open an account from one physical address. This may look restraining and even frustrating to players, but to prevent the cases of frauds, online casinos have introduced this concept, where from a particular address only one person can open an online account.

The next step that has been taken by these online gambling casinos for preventing bonus abuse is they link one particular credit card account to the name and casino account of a single player. This means that using one credit card or even bank account, only a single player can make deposits or withdrawal in a particular account. There is one more step that has been taken by online casinos for preventing bonus abuse and that is to attach wagering requirements with these bonuses. These wagering requirements refer to the number of times a player would have to wager his/her bonus amount in the casino games, before asking for withdrawal. So, even if players manage to get bonuses on fraud addresses, they won’t be able to withdraw it easily, thereby reducing the chances of bonus abuse.