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TARA Moon Images taken during Space Week

During Ireland’s first every SpaceWeek (October 2 to 8, 2016), schools from around Ireland received their very own lunar image from the TARA telescopes. The weather in Cork was not suitable for imaging for most of the week, so we were very happy when the clouds cleared at the end of the week. We also called on our international partners and sent out unique images from the Watcher telescope in South Africa.

SpaceWeek 2017 dates will be October 4 to 10, the same as World Space Week.

Ideas to promote student inquiry around these images include:

  1. How much of the Moon is in this image?
  2. How many craters can you see on the surface? Are the craters the same shape? The same size? Do any craters overlap?
  3. Use the idea of superposition to find the oldest craters (HINT: they will have other craters on top of them)