Astronomy has been shown to be a topic that engages students in STEM concepts that encourages them to follow education and careers in STEM fields, which in turn produces a scientifically literate population and a knowledge based economy. Project Tara will provide students with an introduction to critical skills that they will use to succeed in business, science or any knowledge-based career.

TARA helps educators build interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) by giving classrooms access to a live robotic telescope in California.

TARA can be used to build knowledge of physics, maths and the history of science and technology.

Second Level Imaging Workshop can be downloaded TARAImagingWorkshopSecondLevel.

Plan an observing session with Stellarium, outline activity can be downloaded PlanningWithStellarium.

Image processing is done with SalsaJ, free software developed by EU-HOU. SalsaJ can be downloaded from here. Additional activities that use SalsaJ can be found on the EU-HOU website.

To apply for TARA access please register.