TARA Moon Images taken during Space Week

TARA Moon images @SpaceWeek

During Ireland’s first every SpaceWeek (October 2 to 8, 2016), schools from around Ireland received their very own lunar image from the TARA telescopes. The weather in Cork was not suitable for imaging for most of the week, so we were very happy when the …

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iWish TARA session

Participants of I WISH 2016 Campus Week took part in a TARA workshop on 20 January, 2016. The girls viewed the main telescope at the Observatory and worked with raw data from the TARA Ormondale telescope to produce these images: Here are some photos of the …

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Rochestown College TARA Imaging Workshop

TY students from Rochestown College with Mr O Donovan attended CIT BCO for a live telescope workshop on 4 Feb 2016. A little high level cloud over the TARA scope in California reduced seeing a bit, but students were still able to plan their observing session. …

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Sun. Fun Fact- Light from the Sun takes eight minutes to reach Earth

Three colour TARA images

TY Student Siobhán made these coloured images from raw TARA data. SalsaJ was used to process FITS files to bring out details and colours. She says: “It was confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a lot of FUN!” …

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Funky Alge by MW

Presentation Primary School Doneraile

4th, 5th and 6th class girls from Presentation Primary came to CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory for a TARA workshop visit on 15 December 2015. In addition to exploring the stars in the planetarium, they watched the live launch of three astronauts to the International Space …

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Scoil Mhuire Banrion NS TARA Workshop

5th and 6th class students from Scoil Mhuire Banrion came to Blackrock Castle Observatory for a TARA workshop visit on 14 December. They worked with lenses to discover how telescopes can be made, saw the big telescope dome on the roof and processed images with …

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St Patrick’s College 2nd Years TARA Workshop

Ms Hogan accompanied 34 students from St Patrick’s College on a TARA workshop December 1, 2015. …

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dezak like

Morningstar NS TARA Workshop

Students from two classes of Morningstar NS attended a TARA Supernova visit to BCO on December 8, 2015. Younger students discovered how lenses make telescopes and compared their eyes to telescopes. Older students got to grips with SalsaJ and made their own Moon images. …

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Scoil Maria Assumpta NS TARA Workshop

Girls from 5th and 6th class attended a TARA workshop and Supernova tour on 7 December 2015. Apart from complaints about how many steps they had to climb to see the telescope on the room the girls really enjoyed themselves: “I would love to come …

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Scoil Mhuire Boys Millstreet TARA Taster

Boys from 4th, 5th and 6th classes of Millstreet Boys NS had a TARA taster session at Millstreet Library on 4 December 2015. Students learnt about the Moon and then produced their own lunar images using SalsaJ and images from the TARA telescope.   …

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North Presentation Primary School TARA

5th & 6th class students from North Presentation Primary School took part in a TARA image processing session on November 24th. Working with images of different objects taken by our TARA Telescope, including the Orion nebula (M42) and the moon, they used computer programme SalsaJ …

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Glasheen Girls TARA

5th & 6th class students from Scoil Mhuire gan Smál in Glasheen took part in a TARA image processing session on November 19th, working with images of the moon taken by our TARA Telescope, and using SalsaJ to whip up some uniquely coloured products. …

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