The program is led by the Blackrock Castle Observatory (BCO), associated with Cork Institute of Technology (CIT). Dr Niall Smith, Head of Research at CIT, is the lead on the initiative. BCO is a research institute and a science center, where members of the public are welcome to come and experience the wonders of astronomy from within the idyllic setting of a Castle. BCO will take the lead on providing professional development opportunities for teachers around Ireland who are interested in participating in Project Tara. They will receive training on science content, as well as pedagogical methodology in instructing astronomy in their classrooms.

The Muitiverse education group at University of California, Berkeley’s (UCB) Space Sciences Laboratory (SSL) will provide similar support to participants on the Pacific Coast, led by Dr Claire Raftery – an Irish solar physicist now residing in California. Multiverse have more than 20 years of experience providing professional development to teachers in the realm of space science and astronomy and are the leaders of the heliophysics education community for NASA. The focus of all work conducted by Multiverse is that of multicultural science education, and so they will provide world leading expertise in international collaboration in science education. Together, the staff at BCO and SSL combined provide a powerful force of inspiration, engagement and knowledge.